Grassy Strings brings the energy of bluegrass music to the world stage. Their sound is predominantly bluegrass, but they weave in the essence of American folk, swing and different forms as well.  Souvik Hazra on guitar and vocals and Subhankar Dhar on mandolin weave together traditional tunes and bluegrass standards, even incorporating Indian songs in different languages for a truly unique sound.

Their talent isn't just captivating audiences in India – Grassy Strings has been making waves internationally, performing at several prestigious music festivals across the globe. Their dedication to sharing their music and passion for bluegrass has made them ambassadors for both Indian culture and this vibrant musical genre.

Fueled by a lifelong passion for bluegrass, Grassy Strings' mandolinist Subhankar Dhar weaves magic with his instrument. His sweet breaks and impressive strong chops infusing the band's sound with an undeniable charm. 

As the guitarist and voice of Grassy Strings, Souvik's decade-long guitar mastery infuses the band with a distinct and captivating flavor. His vocals intertwine with his charming bluegrass picking like vines on a trellis, creating a beautifully woven tapestry of sound. 

After Grassy Strings' performance the Ex. Executive Director of IBMA, Mr. Paul Schiminger come to meet Grassy Strings who was so happy to watch the show.

Happy to meet these three super talented and humble musicians called Damn Tall Buildings from the United States.

After the midnight jam session with Jake Howard and Ben Wright from the Henhouse Prowlers on the last day of the festival.

After jamming and talking with the great Tim O'Brien and Jane Fabricius at Bluegrass in La Roche.

Grassy Strings Conducting educational program in Nepal

Henhouse Prowlers talking about Grassy Strings