Grassy Strings, a Kolkata-based duo bluegrass band, formed by guitarist/vocalist Souvik Hazra and mandolinist Subhankar Dhar. Specializing in American folk, swing, and Bluegrass music, this unique project from India has actively participated in various international music exchange activities over the past few years. 

Grassy Strings predominantly performs traditional tunes and bluegrass standards, blending them with various Indian songs in different languages. Additionally, they even craft their own compositions and melodies. They actively perform bluegrass music in Kolkata and across the country, sharing the joy of this genre with Indian audiences. The band takes delight in every show as they introduce a multitude of people to bluegrass music for the first time through their performances.

In August 2023, Grassy Strings received an invitation to perform at 'Bluegrass in La Roche', Europe's largest Bluegrass festival. They made history as the first Indian bluegrass band to play abroad, serving as ambassadors for both Indian cultures and Bluegrass music. Grassy Strings showcased their talent in two venues at the street festival and also took the stage during the festival's Lunchtime segment. They took part in an online event called 'Jam-a-Thon' arranged by California Bluegrass Association also in 2021 from India. The band gained recognition on various U.S. and European bluegrass radio channels such as Bluegrass Today Weekly Top 20 Countdown, The Bluegrass Jamboree, and Countryland.

Their focus extends beyond performances to encompass music education and workshops, particularly targeting young learners and music enthusiasts as Grassy Strings aspires to foster a vibrant bluegrass community in India and neighboring countries.

For Booking please reach out to- grassystrings@gmail.com / phone no. +91 858-586-5718 (whatsapp & Indian calling number)