Shady Grove

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Listen to the new single that has been released now.

Dreams of Fairies

Dream of Fairies

An original tune co-written and recorded by the two musicians of Grassy Strings. This song tries to catch the feelings of a dream, a dream of some strange new place where the fairies live. A place filled with mysteries, happiness, dance, music, tales, love and illusions.

This amazing track cover is done by the beautiful illustrator Manisha Ghosh.

Grassy Strings was being interviewed for 'The Bluegrass Jamboree' radio show on January 6, 2023. Listen to the interview with the radio host Jos van der Lelie and Grassy Strings' recently released single track after that.

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Listen to Grassy Strings' interview and a new single that has been streamed on 'Bluegrass Today Weekly Top 20 Countdown' radio podcast. The band has been interviewed by Caroline Wright- the author and the founder of 'Bluegrass Hawai'i'.  The interview has been played in a segment of the radio show called 'Pickin' on the Planet' for 'Bluegrass Today'

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Tara Linhardt traveled India to meet and play music with Grassy Strings in Summer 2022. During their meeting Tara filmed an interview with the band for the Planetary Music Project. The project is run by Jefferson Glassie and Tara herself, where they interview musicians from various corners of the world and talk  about the power of music that unites people and communities and talk about the local music and culture.

Soldier's Joy

A  jamming session from a rooftop of Kolkata with Grassy Strings, Tara Linhardt and Koustav Dey